We’re looking for Partners that share our vision and will help Movement Health to create change on a global level.

We are a catalyst for change and a leader of action, with the rights, expectations and hopes of future generations front of mind. We are seeking like-minded partners with whom we can find ground-breaking solutions to some of the world’s most significant healthcare challenges

What Movement Health can mean for you...


As we work to launch an estimated 80 pilot projects in three years to dramatically change healthcare access and save lives, our partners will be pivotal in transforming agreed challenges into practical improvements on the ground across the world.


Each pilot is developed through  an in-depth analysis of specific healthcare challenges carried out by our global healthcare experts and providers. Partners will be closely involved in these expert discussions and will have the opportunity to both contribute and learn from the unique insights generated.


We convene world-leading authorities in health system transformation who work with decision makers to drive solutions to the biggest challenges in each region. This networked approach across regions allows us to share insights no matter where they are generated in a way that drives equal access to innovation globally.


Our partners will engage in high-level dialogue with prominent decision-makers, including ministers, regulators, academics, healthcare providers, community leaders and other key stakeholders to drive forward healthcare transformation collectively, with the aim of improving and saving lives.


Each pilot will generate data, and these insights will be used to further solutions and confront shared patient care challenges across borders.


We aim to guide the rising demand that is expected within the healthcare sector and ensure that it is strategic. Through partner centric structuring and long-term funding for programmes, partners will be a key part of our community, playing an active role in the delivery of solutions aimed at shaping how care is delivered to patients.


Together, we can transform health systems around the world


Driving global healthcare system transformation through shared expertise and insights and cross-sector partnerships (SDG#17), and innovations.


Delivering rapid social impact and global healthcare equity.


Fostering good health and wellbeing for all people regardless of where they come from, in line with the UN’s SDGs for healthcare.


Does Movement Health mission align with your company’s strategic investments in society?

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Héctor Pourtalé
Executive Director
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