We’re addressing Europe’s most pressing health challenges

By encouraging cross-country collaboration, improving digital infrastructure and literacy, and promoting disease prevention, Movement Health aims to help patients across Europe live their best and healthiest lives.
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Regional Challenges and Opportunities

Equity and access
Differences in access to healthcare in Europe could be addressed via innovative public-private partnerships and improved digital and health literacy.
Disease prevention
By prioritising personalised care and disease prevention, Europe could save lives and reduce costs.
Data and digital infrastructures
Expanding Europe’s digital infrastructure and cross-border data networks could lead to new solutions and dramatically improve healthcare.
Greater collaboration between health stakeholders could help governments better implement the health innovation strategies needed to enhance patient care.

Our Story

Recent advances in healthcare have improved life expectancy and quality for most Europeans in recent decades, but healthcare is still out of reach for too many. Ageing populations are also bringing with them increased healthcare needs and spending. To overcome these challenges, Europe must change how healthcare is organised, practised and accessed to ensure we deliver better health outcomes for everyone. Achieving equal access to quality healthcare must be made a priority.