Movement Health is working with a broad range of expert stakeholders in Algeria, Ghana and South Africa. Each country has its own unique challenges and opportunities but each country is working towards the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage, and does so with the realisation that radical transformation is needed to make these ambitious goals a reality. Each country prioritises local problems where collaboration and scaling at both a service and system level can make a difference. They do so knowing that they will share insights, experiences and solutions across the region and worldwide.


How do we address the disease burden in Africa?

Did you know that the Baobab Tree is an icon of the African continent? It symbolises life and positivity as it manages to thrive in difficult conditions.

The tree can be likened to Movement Health 2030's mission and roots within the region. Our aim is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to addressing and overcoming the world's greatest challenges - poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and other issues. Investing in people’s medical well-being is a necessity everywhere across the continent and offers positive returns for the region.

Find out how we hope to help scale innovative healthcare solutions across Africa, spread globally and thrive together.