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Regional Operational Leads to join Movement Health2030 in Europe and Africa

Job Description

About Movement Health2030

Movement Health2030 (MH2030) is seeking a regional operational lead for Europe to join this new organization, based on an initiative from Roche Pharmaceuticals and Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS). The organization is in a transformation phase, separating from the two stakeholders behind the idea into a Swiss-based foundation.

The vision behind MH2030 is to become the world’s leading network for healthcare innovation - accelerating equitable and effective access to impactful and inclusive solutions and fostering healthier communities wherever MH2030 operates.

Movement Health2030 is focused on two main pillars, which bring to life the changes necessary in dramatically and positively improve systemic healthcare provision:


a) Achieve the policy changes necessary to make health systems of the future sustainable as demand grows


b) Develop innovative solutions to the greatest challenges facing health systems in the region, creating pilots, roundtable consensus and wider support to deliver lasting change


About the role

As the title suggests, MH2030 works in all regions of the world and have already been successful in creating change and innovation, especially in the LATAM (Latin America) region where we have a well-established team.


Activities are already on-going in other regions including Europe, Africa and CEETRIS (Central & Eastern Europe and Indian Subcontinent). However, it is time to add competencies and resources to these existing team. By adding dedicated regional operations leads, we believe that we may reach our vision faster to include even more dedicated stakeholders.


We are therefore looking for an experienced leader for our Europe team. You will work with our co-founders as well as on the ground with governments, health leaders and the private and third sectors to prepare health systems for the demands of the future and support them in adopting the necessary innovation to transform.


The job

As regional operational lead you will have the responsibility to build an organization with stakeholders from both the co-founders’ organization, external suppliers, and work with internal MH2030 stakeholders in finance, legal, HR and communications. You will report to the Global Operations Director of the foundation.


Your major task is to drive the process of identifying what policy shifts the countries in a region would benefit from and how innovation should work to support and enhance this. You will also be securing shared innovations, co-created with healthcare institutions, and building capacity to validate, pilot and scale them. 


Activities between countries and regions are also on the agenda, as scalability is a must if we want to succeed in making healthcare available to all. You will head the process and align with stakeholders in Europe to secure the progress both locally, at a regional level, but also on a global level with your operational lead colleagues from other regions.


You will be working both at an operational and a tactical level while also engaging in HR activities in the different countries. You will also be responsible for the overall budget for the region.


A strong support organization is being set-up to aid you in daily operational tasks with on-the-ground teams that will report to you, but also help in securing local communication planning, budget follow up and contract establishment/maintenance.


Your competences

We are looking for an operational lead that can act both at the strategical level and be very operational and hands-on. It is essential that you have experience and insight in the health-sector space. You might have gained this in several ways, e.g., from the clinical side, the legal side, the vendor side or as a consultant. The most important competency is that you understand the challenges facing healthcare systems today.


You have previously demonstrated that you are a strong influencer and that you like working in multi-stakeholder environments. You understand the impact of policy on our society and how to identify and work with stakeholders on creating the framework for improving and changing existing policies. You may also have experience in the innovation field and understand the importance of new solutions and how these may be scaled.


Change management is a key word and you should be familiar with the concept to be able to motivate and drive the process between various stakeholders, both within the MH2030 team and outside the organization.


You must operate based on trust, and generate engagement with the team(s) and other individuals on the basis of open dialogue.



  • Have experience with working in/with a healthcare-related field and different stakeholders including c-suite and politicians
  • Have a good understanding of the health challenges the globe is facing
  • Have managed a cross-functional and multi-stakeholder team/partnership
  • Have had budget responsibility
  • Have matured experience in complex cross-organizational collaborations
  • Be able to see across borders and boundaries, in order to identify new alternative and suitable solutions
  • Be a self-starter
  • Be a game-changer
  • Have a proven track record of positive conflict resolution
  • Have experience in setting direction and lead the way to alternative solutions


Next steps: If interested, please contact us at by May 20th. Please share, briefly, why you are interested and what would make you a great addition to the Movement Health team.