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To reach the UN’s goal of reducing premature mortality by one third by 2030, we must act now

People are facing immense challenges within global healthcare systems

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Access to medical and health services remains massively unequal

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At least one in three people still die from preventable causes

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The number of people with multiple chronic diseases is on the rise

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Many populations are ageing, creating more complex needs for patients and health systems

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Only a small proportion of healthcare budgets are allocated to the kinds of innovation that will make them fit for the future

Movement Health starts with a simple yet crucial finding: countries share around


of the same healthcare challenges.

Recognising our shared challenges, we see an opportunity to learn from one another.

Through cross-border collaboration and solution sharing, we bridge the knowledge gap between healthcare systems and support them in adopting the necessary innovation to transform in order to improve and save lives.

With current and future generations in mind, we help prepare health systems for what’s needed now and many decades from now.

We can find solutions to the immense challenges facing healthcare systems by working together.
How we achieve success
Moving towards a future defined by sustainable and equitable healthcare, with better patient experiences and outcomes.


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Héctor Pourtalé
Executive Director
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