Serena Scollen

Head of Human Genomics & Translational D, ELIXIR (the European infrastructure for bioinformatics and life-science data)
Regional Board Member

Serena Scollen sits on the European Board, which focuses on Movement Health policy issues, its long-term goals, and overall positioning. Serena is the Head of Human Genomics and Translational Data at ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for bioinformatics and life-science data, based in Hinxton, UK.

Prior to joining ELIXIR, she was a Director within the Human Genetics group at Pfizer. In this role, she led and implemented a genetic and precision medicine strategy to support drug target selection and clinical programmes for the Pain and Sensory Disorders Research Unit. She was also a member of the ABPI Stratified Medicine Working Group.

Earlier in her career, she worked within the Toxicogenomics group at GlaxoSmithKline. She gained postdoctoral experience at University of Cambridge and Imperial College London and a PhD from the University of Cambridge, with a focus on the genetic susceptibility to disease.