Roberto Tapia-Conyer

General Director of the Carlos Slim Foundation and Chairman of the National Board of Youth Integration Centers
Former Committee Member

Roberto Tapia-Conyer formerly sat on the LATAM Growth Committee, which is focused on scaling the pilots, anticipating challenges related to scalability, and sharing strategic recommendations.  Roberto Tapia-Conyer is the General Director of the Carlos Slim Foundation, Chairman of the National Board of Youth Integration Centers and member of Movimiento Salud Steering Committee.

He is a leading Mexican doctor, specialist in health policy. Dr. Tapia-Conyer is member of the Standing Advisory Council of the Mexican Society of Public Health; member of the National Academies of Medicine and Surgery and the Mexican Academy of Sciences. He is a researcher Level III of the National System of Researchers. And member of the Steering Committee Partnership for Dengue Control, America´s Board of Dengue Prevention, Dengue Vaccine Initiative and the International Task Force for Disease Eradication of The Carter Center.

He is professor at UNAM´s Faculty of Medicine and visiting professor at the University of California and UC-Berkely.

In the field of Public Administration, Dr. Tapia-Conyer worked for 25 years at the Ministry of Health. His experience is based on innovative strategies for interventions in Public Health, Health Policy and Epidemiology.

He has won several awards, including the Miguel Aleman Award, the Medal to Health Merit, Rosenkranz Award in Epidemiology and Dr, Gerardo Varela Award in Public Health Merit.